Popular Games

Marine Avengers

Use touch pad to control the paratrooper and keep pressed to fire your weapons.
Collect weapon packs and select your prefered weapon from the panel. Keep
your eye out for the warning light that flashes before the mines appear. Press
'Jump' at the right time to make the boat jump and avoid the mines.


you should be focused at the ball and hit it at the exact right moment to score points


Take the wheels of a mega monster truck and literally crush the competition in this
adrenaline filled game of acceleration,stunts and pure brute power.


Destroy the pumpkins by putting them next to each other. When 3 pumpkins get together, they will be destroyed.

Tap the screen to shoot the pumpkins, don't let the pumpkins go beyond the edges of border, otherwise you lose the game.

Rescue Team

.In Pumpkin Ninja you’ll have to take a In Pumpkin Ninja you’ll have to take a
sharp sword and slash juicy orange flesh of pumpkins quickly and nimbly. Of course,
these pumpkins aren’t simple but magical.Sure thing! They’ve been brought for you
from Halloween festival.
Be a rescuer in this new and amazing helicopter game! Use your flying skills to
find missing people, put out fires and save citizens in distress. Patrol 10 different
scenarios with their own, unique characteristics. sharp sword and slash juicy orange flesh of
pumpkins quickly and nimbly. Of course,these pumpkins aren’t simple but magical.
Sure thing! They’ve been brought for you from Halloween festival.
Be a rescuer in this new and amazing helicopter game! Use your flying skills to
find missing people, put out fires and save citizens in distress. Patrol 10 different
scenarios with their own, unique characteristics.


It's gameplay is quite unique and challenging and lovingly addictive! Finishing a level is no hard task, but if u want to finish it perfectly without losing any life, the challanging part comes in, you will need to perdi


The women’s circuit has just got hotter with the new edition of Total Tennis. So
grab a racket and play against the leading ladies of our time as you battle your way
from the early rounds to the grand slam title


Frustrated by the strict rules and laws governing the Ultimate Fighting championship, a group of ex-champions have gone rogue and have taken the fight to the streets in a no holds barred, anything goes fight club. Each one, a master of a particular technique, when pitted against each other the outcome is frequently bloody and almost always lethal. Welcome to the world of Rogue Fighting...

World Wild West

World Wild West is a casual, quick and easy social game with the theme of the Wild
West.Your challenge in this old western like game is to become the fastest and
most feared gunslinger in the world!

Medal Chase 1

Master 5 gruelling events, including 100m sprint, 110m hurdles, long jump, triple
jump and high jump to set a score that puts you ahead of the field, so come on, be
the king of the track and go for gold…

Night Fight

Under the cover of darkness, while the city sleeps, a strike force of low life terrorists
have crawled out of their holes to take over the city and control its main institutions.

Super Angry Soldiers

Stop the alien invasion at all costs, soldier! Aim, shoot and kill all the uninvited visitors
that have landed from space. Use your cannon to fire deadly weapons to destroy
them and their protective barricades.

Superstar Diving

Diving is believed to have begun in the 1200's in Sweden as a self defence
mechanism to evade plundering Vikings.Spotting its potential as a sport, it was
introduced in the Olympics and since then competition has only got tougher, the
training harder and winning ever more elusive!

Table Footzy

Single-handedly manage a team of 10 players in this action packed table football
championship. A game definitely for nimble fingered football fans with time on their
hands but not enough space.

The Legend of Dino

Get involved in this story of little Dino flapping her first wings learning to fly,
avoiding the dangers of the land.

Zombie Chase 3

Zombie invasion in the wild west goes underground! Grab your guns, cowboy,
'cause miners need to deal with some evil! Fight the roots of infection, what's dead
should stay dead, and most of all, buried!

Base Jumping 2

Does the thought of jumping off a bridge make you wet your pants? Welcome then
to the world of BASE Jumping, a dangerous sport banned in most places where only
the brave or the foolish participate. Join the league and experience BASE jumping from
the safety of your mobile phone.


It's time for winter games and snowboarding! Slide and do tricks to earn points, bonuses
and enjoy the game Big White Boardin


Get the party started with Fireworks on the Carnival Cruise.. Locate the cruise liners
and light them up with fireworks for a dazzling display of lights. Once all the ships
are lit, the party truly begins

DressUp MyPet

Is your favourite pet a cat or a dog? Now your can dress them in your favorite outfit
and you've got fashionable fun for everyone in this pet friendly dress up game. Share
your designs with others and vote for the best designs submitted. How cute!

Classic Match 2014

This game is very interesting and simple, you just need to find the same picture.

Going on Vacation

If you want to have a break and play addictive game, that also can train you
attentiveness - just try this and you will not be disappointed!